5.25" Jig Worm

These lures are 5.25" in length the Jig Worm was designed to be a universal bait! It works very well when Wacky Rigged as well as hooked up to most stick bait jigs on the market hence the name Jig Worm! The lures have a smooth finish with a textured body for a better appearance to give it more of a worm-like look. The 5.25" Jig Worm comes FIFTEEN (15) lures per bag.

  • For best results use with a Wacky Rig setup or any Jig with a 3/0 Hook, this lure works great when fished on the bottom!  When using the lure, cast and then when the lure hits the water let the lure sit for about 30-45 Seconds.
  • When bringing in the bait you'll be using the rod to reel in the bait.  Reel in the line until you pull in the slack then pull up and back with the rod this will give the bait the movement to attract the fish to bite. Keep Reeling in the line until you pull in the slack and then pull up and back with the roduntil the bait has been fully reeled in back to you!

  • Doing this will give the Jig Worm the movement and action of a real worm that has fallen in or got stuck in the water and is trying to get out!