Hyper Craw

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These lures are 3.5" in length. The Hyper Craw was designed for shaky/football head jigs, these lures resemble the looks of a retreating craw and when you stop reeling the arms go up and move around just like the real deal! The lures have a smooth finish with a ribbed textured body for better creature appearance. FIVE (5) BAITS PER BAG.



  • Package of five
  • High action trailer bait
  • Spring-Fall use
  • Recommended jig: Shaky/Football head Jig
  • Recommended rig: N/A
  • Recommended fish cover:  Down trees and logs, brush, rocks, docks
  • Recommended placement in water: Middle, suspended, bottom
  • Recommended target fish: Most bass, perch, walleye, salmon, rainbow trout, salmon, chain pickerel