About Us

The Catch Kings New Era Soft Bait company originated in Maine at the start of 2016 with the intention to create a more useful soft bait.  During spring of 2015, founder Austin Merrill noticed a recurring annoyance during his usual fishing experience; some fish just could not be tricked. Determined to find a solution he realized the most important factor was appearance. Therefore, he set out to make a lure that would appear to be so similar to a living object, that even a person could be mistaken.  Finessing a fish to bite a bait is not an easy task (especially using a foreign looking object). Instead, how about a bait that does all the work for you? And by that, the Salamander was created.  The first Salamander trick bait of its kind.  Following the launch of the Salamander, it has continuously gained ground against other baits. Confirming that bait appearance really is what Austin assumed - EVERYTHING!

Since 2016,  The Catch Kings lures have been recognized as the home of New Era Soft Baits!  Because of that, we have made many other trick bait creatures like our popular Tadpoles and Frogs along with our large assortment of worms and Jig Trailers.  We strive for perfection and beta test our bait line for two weeks prior to market.  The Catch Kings encompasses one of the largest collections of creature soft baits you will find. With 100+ colors to choose from, look no further. Find your perfect soft bait and start slinging fish today!