Speed Tail Grubs

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These lures are 3" in length. The Speed Tail Grub lure has an extremely high action Keel Craw tail that attracts a wide variety of fish, these lures make great trailers for jigs! The Keel Craw tail makes the lure on the jig stationary and swims straight putting all of the movement and action into the tail!  The lures have a smooth finish with an egg-shaped ribbed textured body for better creature appearance.


  • Package of Eight
  • High action trailer bait
  • All-Season use
  • Recommended jig: Casting Jig
  • Recommended rig: N/A
  • Recommended fish cover:  Down trees and logs, brush, rocks, docks
  • Recommended placement in water: Middle, suspended, bottom
  • Recommended target fish: Most bass, walleye, perch, salmon, rainbow trout, salmon, chain pickerel