The Little Frog

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For best results, use a 2/0 worm or offset hook and TEXAS RIG IT. Cast the lure, and when it hits the water let it sit for 5-10 seconds. Reel in quick with a 3:1 ratio so 3 quick reels and let the frog sit on the water for 1-2 seconds before continuing. As you're doing this, Keep the frog on the surface of the water. This will give the Catch Kings® Frog the movement and action of a real Frog, making the swim quickly on the surface, as well as float resting to check its surroundings like they do in the wild.



  • Package of 4
  • Trick bait
  • Summer use
  • Recommended jig: N/A
  • Recommended rig: Texas rig
  • Recommended fish cover: Matted weeds, down trees and logs, brush, rocks, docks
  • Recommended placement in water: Middle, suspended, bottom
  • Recommended target fish: Most bass, walleye, perch, salmon, chain pickerel