The Tadpole (3.5")

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For best results, use a 3/0 worm or offset hook. Cast the lure, and when it hits the water let it sit for 30-45 seconds. Reel in with a slight jerk away from the water. As you're doing this, allow the lure to sink. This will give the Catch Kings® Tadpole the movement and action of a real tadpole, making the lure dart back and forth, as well as going to the bottom to rest like they do in the wild.

  • Package of six
  • Trick bait
  • Summer use
  • Recommended jig: Scrounger jig
  • Recommended rig: Carolina rig
  • Recommended fish cover: Matted weeds, down trees and logs, brush, rocks, docks
  • Recommended placement in water: Middle, suspended, bottom
  • Recommended target fish: Most bass, walleye, perch, salmon, chain pickerel

Customer Reviews

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Such a awesome bait to use I’ve had it for a day an caught 17 fish off 2 baits they are very long lasting an catch a lot of fish I would recommend this to anyone looking for a better longer lasting bait